HaloVac Bacteria and Algae Control Solution

The HaloVac HV25LB - above ground system

is capable of reducing iron and sulphate bacteria problems in water bores and wells.

Use our special purpose dispensers created to fit into any system. No unsightly drums or tanks to contend with.



HaloVac is a new and unique method for:

  • Controlling bacteria and algae in water tanks, dams, lakes and ponds;

  • eliminating clogging and blockages caused by iron sludge, algae and other organic material in pipes, pumps and micro-irrigation lines;

  • sanitising sensitive areas, including dairy and nursery applications;

  • management of bacteria in grey-water and other waste-water situations;

  • prevention of clogging and odour caused by iron and sulphate bacteria in wells, bores, soaks and other affected areas.

HaloVac sanitiser available in
500g, 1kg, 5kg and 20kg.

The HaloVac HV25LB can be installed in an underground pit.

The standard HV40, 25 & 20 can be installed in a regular valve box.

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Benefits of HaloVac:

  • Easily installed
  • Adaptable to existing systems
  • Unobtrusive – above or below ground installation
  • Easy access for refill
  • Cost effective
  • Full recirculation or dosing ability
  • Ability to dose all irrigation system
  • Low Maintenance
  • Long Service life
  • Multi-voltages, including solar power

Guaranteed to prevent blockages caused by iron bacteria and algae.

The HaloVac system dispenses sanitiser by either of the following methods:

Inline: Treatment is accomplished when the total volume of water for treatment has passed through the HaloVac dispenser at least once.

Dosing: Is applied by passing water from another source through the dispenser into the water for treatment.

Circulation: A concentration of sanitiser is accumulated within the water being treated by multiple passes of the same water through the dispenser.

Hose-end: The HaloVac dispenser is installed on a valve outlet. A flexible hose is attached to the dispenser outlet.

BioDec: HaloVac is contained within the BioDec dispenser. The BioDec floats freely or is anchored in the body of water for treatment. HaloVac sanitiser is dispensed by dissolution of the pellets within.

HaloVac sanitiser is a safe and readily degradable compound. Treatment is effective at concentrations that do not need to exceed levels set by World Health Organisation for safe to drink water.





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